Softwares i use

Every developer has its own favorite tools but i think it’s always usefull to know what other people are using. Maybe someone will find the tool he was looking for since days. I found my pixel editor thanks to a post from an indy dev on twitter.
So here my list:
* IDEA intellij community edition : prefer the original comparing to android official IDE
* tortoise GIT because i prefer to have an external commit tool to manage images and other stuff not handled by IDE
* bitbucket free source code hosting. Some tools to manage the todo list
* inkscape to start graphic design before pixelize it
* pyxeledit the best pixel editor
* to edit image: simpler comparing to gimp
* libgdx to develop the game
* Tiled map editor to create map usable by libgdx
* BM Font to generate bitmap font
* as3sfxr for sounds

That’s all