Cthulhu game: Finish main UI

So finally i have finished (well, for the moment because i know myself: i will have another idea in two months and i will change again UI….) my main user interface for the Cthulhu game.


  • On the left the main character portrait with 2 gauges: one for life and one for mental health.
  • Then the number of Gold
  • On the center of the screen, the two objects held by the character.If you click on them, inventory is open and you can change them.
  • On the right, followers’ portraits. If you click on one of this portrait, the character clicked become the new main character.
  • On the bottom of the screen classical control button: on the left a pad and on the right two action buttons to use the two objects held by the character.
  • On the bottom / center, a slide button to show the map.
  • JR

    Nice work my dear friend, keep going 🙂