Gameover framework released to 0.2.1 and published to sonatype


After moving my game from java to Scala, i have also move my framework developed on top ofLibGDX to Scala. It is just some simple utilities i have developed to simplify some coding.

I have also developed a wrapper for class Array from LibGDX in order to have the same behaviour as Scala Collection API (map(), flatMap(), filter()…). Notice that this new collection is mutable for performance reason.

I also put in this framework a simple but working 2D-square-tiled -A* implementation with smooth pathfinding.

The complete list of features available for 0.2.1:

    • A trait LibGDXHelper to help the usage of libgdx in classes. The trait contains a class for implicit conversion from LibGDX Array ti a class supporting scala functional programming (map, flatMap, filter…)
  • A definition of A* path-finding algorithm and a simple implementation for 2D games
  • A graphic resources loader which support reloading on the fly
  • A Shader memory helper to easily activate/disabled shaders
  • An extension of TileMapRenderer to enabled fake perspective in 2D games
  • An action holder trait with several implementation to manage input action from keyboard or from UI
  • An object pool trait and some implementation for most used libgdx class (Vector2, Rectangle…)
  • Some missing math, gfx, polygons utilities
  • A trait LibGDXHelper to help the usage of libgdx in classes

With Maven, add dependency:

With Gradle, add dependency:

With SBT, add dependency:


Code is hosted on Github and a website is also available.

The code was released on MIT license so feel free to submit PR !