I am currently working on range attack system, but first i need some artworks for shotgun.

Before, when working on graphics and animation, i just draw some sketchs on a sheet of paper, then from these picture, i vectorize it in Inscape. I export this svg as PNG and produce images and animation from this image in PyxelEdit. But i always face difficulties when rendering objects in different position for animation, even if my pixel sheets is 32×32 or 64×64.

I will try for the shotgun another approach: i will still do sketchs on the paper but skip Inkscape to produce a 3d model in blender. I have followed some nice tutorials on youtube from BornCG. With this model i will be able to see my object from different angle and i think this will help me to produce animation.

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ROboVMGreat news! I just get in my email box a free indie license from RoboVM team!
So i will be able to target IOS too for the game. Thanks RoboVM team!

To describe briefly what is RoboVM, it is a toolkit which allow running your game in both android and IOS platform without any code changes. What is great about RoboVM is that it is supported by LibGDX since years now.

Well, i have worked a lot on the game but it is difficult to publish something relevant: I have worked on the game engine, on sprites management, do some libraries upgrade. I am also working a lot on Blender to facilitate portrait, sprites and animation design. Some few new animations for aviator