About me….

I am Olivier MARTIN, a french developer living near Marseilles, France.

I am working as a senior Java/Scala developer / JEE architect and one of my hobby is to develop old good video games, trying to recreate the same ambiance and gameplay than the one i have played when i was young. I am thinking about Zelda 1 & 3 which are closed from perfect imo. I am also a roleplaying game player since i was 14  and one of my favourite RPG is Call of Cthulhu. That’s why when i finished my first game Blocks, i decided to start a more ambitious game in Lovecraft world using the same mechanisms as old zelda games. I will try to recreate Call of Cthuhlu ambiance with pixels (Yes, sounds difficult), try to have a difficult game with simple gameplay which will offer exploration, enigma, combat and lot of death. Do you understand now why i call my site Game Over 🙂 We should not be afraid to kill players, like in Call of Cthulhu RPG game !