Just want to show the graphical debugging mode i have implemented in the game.
So using the shortcut F1, i am able to switch between 4 differents display:
1- Normal displayed with all effects
2- Normal displayed but with effects disabled like lightning
3- Debug mode. We can see some areas used by sprite or the view sight from monsters
4- full debug mode where we only use shape to render the game.
The last most is really useful to debug collisions.

Yeah… 6 months since my last update. Well, i have moved back to France so I was a little busy.
I have indeed worked well on the game:

  • Now there is a fading effect when changing room. It makes the transition more smooth even if i don’t need to load any data.
  • I have a new character: the nursethe nurse
  • Finally, I have implemented also dropping a key on a map when all monsters are dead. It is possible to pick this key and open a closed door. It is more difficult than it seems because the closed door should block the sprite and when the door is open, it should act like a normal floor tile.

I achieved a big step in my game yesterday! I am now able to change the current map in the game. Before doing the real code, i have modified the MapContext object with all the initialization process inside one method. The RuntimeContext object can call this method during map switch. It is now possible also to reload a MapContext, updating only what is necessary when the map is used as the current one. The RuntimeContext object is able to load multiple MapContexts and switch between them when the player move to another room.
The current result is pretty rough but it is working !

map change demo

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So now, when killing a monster, they have a probability to drop one item (coin, ammo). The randomness is quite simple in this first implementation but i will polish this later because for example, i need to be sure that if some ammo are dropped, that the player has the right weapon for this type of ammo.

monsters are dropping an item when killed

As i said later, i prefer to implement now the basis and polish everything later.

Next step? Changing map with a door or a stair! But i know this will require lot more work that the last things i have shown.

I am progressing a lot these days in my Cthulhu game.
After implementing items drop, i added the code to manage ammo for shotgun, displaying it in the weapon bar, peeking ammo on the floor, decreasing ammo when shooting monsters, and running out of ammo with the shotgun. The font used to display it (the same as gold) is not perfect but this will do the job for the moment. Too many times i have focused on details but i think that i need to make progress on high level mechanisms and not trying to make everything perfect. This will be polished later.

demo for ammo management for Cthulhu game

My next goal is to implement dropping items from dead monsters.

So it took me lot of time to implement ranged attacks in the game. Mostly because it was difficult for me to work on the game. I have refactored a lot of things: the attack system was too much “close attacks” oriented and i just want only one attack system in the game.
I have also modified the rendering because there is a sprite for the bullet to handle with other sprites like hero or monsters.
The collision system i used for wall works great for bullet hits so this part was easy.
Indeed the most difficult things was to debug the code because it is not really possible to use unit tests to check each logic parts. I have implemented a feature to slow down the game speed in order to debug it like a step by step process in the real game.

The next step i have already started is item drop like coin and ammo.
to be continued !

I am currently working on range attack system, but first i need some artworks for shotgun.

Before, when working on graphics and animation, i just draw some sketchs on a sheet of paper, then from these picture, i vectorize it in Inscape. I export this svg as PNG and produce images and animation from this image in PyxelEdit. But i always face difficulties when rendering objects in different position for animation, even if my pixel sheets is 32×32 or 64×64.

I will try for the shotgun another approach: i will still do sketchs on the paper but skip Inkscape to produce a 3d model in blender. I have followed some nice tutorials on youtube from BornCG. With this model i will be able to see my object from different angle and i think this will help me to produce animation.

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