Well… 6 months without touching any line of code in my game or the framework… Sometimes it happens. But i am back now ! And i hope that i will have something to show soon!

I have not post to much on this blog but i have a good reason: I have move from France to Montréal, Canada for a new life ! New job and new city 🙂
I will try to post some artwork for my new game soon. So keep in touch !

blocks gameplayOne years ago, i just released my first android game on Google store. At a first sight, Blocks looks like a Tetris or a Bejeweled clone but the gameplay is indeed more complicated if you want to reach high scores.

As i explained in the game description, the goal is to group four blocks or more with the same color. If these blocks have only one color, they disappear. Otherwise the external color fade and the block is now made of one color. Seems pretty simple and you are right. But if you just play the game without trying to do chains, you score will remain low. So you will have to think about how to group block together and then drop the final block which will make all other dissapear in a row.
Game ends when the game area is full of blocks.

I just port my game to LibGDX to solve many issues and release as a 2.0 version. The game is free on google store, so please, enjoy ! 🙂 Blocks on Google Play!