So what is a bitmap font?

Simple bitmap font image

Simple font image

Every game developer has face it during the development: Display a text in the game to show damages or a conversation between two characters. For performance reason, standard fonts (understand TTF ) are not used directly. The preferred way is to use a bitmap font: it is a big image containing all characters used to display a text for a predefined size. The image (a png  file) is linked with a text file with the extension fnt  describing where each character is located in the image and give all necessary information to display the text. (base height, interline, …).

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I am currently working on range attack system, but first i need some artworks for shotgun.

Before, when working on graphics and animation, i just draw some sketchs on a sheet of paper, then from these picture, i vectorize it in Inscape. I export this svg as PNG and produce images and animation from this image in PyxelEdit. But i always face difficulties when rendering objects in different position for animation, even if my pixel sheets is 32×32 or 64×64.

I will try for the shotgun another approach: i will still do sketchs on the paper but skip Inkscape to produce a 3d model in blender. I have followed some nice tutorials on youtube from BornCG. With this model i will be able to see my object from different angle and i think this will help me to produce animation.

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Well, i have worked a lot on the game but it is difficult to publish something relevant: I have worked on the game engine, on sprites management, do some libraries upgrade. I am also working a lot on Blender to facilitate portrait, sprites and animation design. Some few new animations for aviator




My first character for my Cthulhu game was supposed to be The Adventurer. But i didn’t like the graphics. I don’t know if this is the color palette i used or the drawing, but something was wrong when i put it into the game. So i decided to review my copy with my pixel editor (PyxelEdit) and The Adventurer became The Aviator. Et voila. Looks promising.



So finally i have finished (well, for the moment because i know myself: i will have another idea in two months and i will change again UI….) my main user interface for the Cthulhu game.


  • On the left the main character portrait with 2 gauges: one for life and one for mental health.
  • Then the number of Gold
  • On the center of the screen, the two objects held by the character.If you click on them, inventory is open and you can change them.
  • On the right, followers’ portraits. If you click on one of this portrait, the character clicked become the new main character.
  • On the bottom of the screen classical control button: on the left a pad and on the right two action buttons to use the two objects held by the character.
  • On the bottom / center, a slide button to show the map.